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New Data Starting to Roll in

After traveling a pants numbing 5600 miles in 11 days, the new data is getting put together. Frankly, the data is mind blowing in its sharpness and detail. Far out stripping last years data. The new methods are working far beyond my expectations. I’m just ecstatic and I hope you will be this year as well. I have 3 more months to get data and I’m going to go all out to bring you piles of new images to stare wistfully at.


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Grosvenor’s Arch in Southern Utah.

Here’s the front side of Grosvenors Arch. I’m going to include a link to a 1/3 sized image so you can cruise around in it. Please like the page and comment especially if you see something that needs correcting. Here’s the link. 1/3 resolution of Grosvenor’s Arch

Take the time to load the big image full and then click on the milky way to see some crazy detail.