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Apod Image processing a very quick timeline.

Here’s some of the many steps for how my newest APOD image was created. Sort of documentary since it appears everyone now fears “fake” pictures. I also included a close up of me in the SUV playing Angry Birds while the shot was taking place. Hey it was cold, windy, 1:30 in the morning  and really damp out 🙂


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My final version. A bit darker than the APOD image and therefore the colors saturate more. Also a bit more contrast so the image will print well on aluminum.

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Test Image

This is the image. I’m getting wildly different appearances on my iPhone, iPad, laptops and my main PC. I have an allegedly calibrated screen on my PC and I like what it shows. Hows this look for you all? This is actually all natural airglow. It looks more saturated on my PC but it adjusts on my laptops correctly. Message me back your thoughts. Or suggestions. I did remove part of a out of focus branch on the far left side other than that its as it was that night.


Also you won’t see this with your naked eyes, it’s captured by the camera but quite real. Google red green airglow for additional information if you are curious.

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