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Dinosaurs! Actual Photograph – WTF?!? THE DINOSAURS AT NIGHT PROJECT #1.


Ever wonder what a dinosaur looked like at night? Wonder no more!

This is a real photograph, well actually its about 30 some photos stitched together. The foreground is a life-sized T-Rex model filmed with the Milky Way. So yes, this is an actual panoramic picture taken at the same location at the same time without any added light source for the purists amongst us.

I spent a lot of time to remove all trace of human artifacts from the pictures. Bridges, light pollution, railroad tracks, overhead power lines, giant power pylons, planes, satellite trails and more all were removed to make a scene that is as free as possible from modern life.

I did all of this to give you something that has never actually been seen but often imagined (at least by me.)

Why did I do this labor of love? Because I love dinosaurs, I mean who doesnā€™t? Since I was a child when I played with my little plastic dinosaurs and wondered about their world. What did it look like? What did they look like?

Finally, as I was sitting under the Milky Way in wildly remote areas, my mind switched to what would the sky have looked like then? With them in it? There are no realistic photos or even drawings that exist. Now they do. I have a whole series of these (10 images) I will be releasing over the next 10 weeks.

If you are in the media or you know a media outlet that may be interested in running with these let me know. I’d love someone to feature these as they will get increasingly better. I’m saving the best for last šŸ™‚ Please enjoy, like and comment!

Tech: Canon 6D, 50mm f 1.4 ISO 8000 24 images sky, 9 ground.

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The Yellow Beasts. The Dinosaurs at Night Project #2.


The Yellow Beasts. The Dinosaurs at Night Project #2.

The Yellow Beasts are on the hunt. Another in the series of dinosaur panoramas I took. This one is just 9 images for the sky and 9 pictures of the ground. It was a different look for me and the Milky Way, just the core and south exposure in its proper place. These are shot from actual life-sized replicas of the dinosaurs so this photo and all of the dinosaur series are actual photographs.

I thought the Dinosaurs at Night Project was so much fun to do. Tonight I’ll be going to a school science night to give away a few 100 of these pictures to the kids, I’ll be very interested to see their reactions  Hopefully they won’t be too scared to go out in the desert for fear of being eaten by the big mean dinosaurs.

This series of dinosaur pictures will get better and better so stay tuned for all 10 of them. Once again no added light for these photos and all pictures shot in place at one time.

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White Pocket with a Little help From my friends


White Pocket Arizona with a little help from my friends! This nice image of White pocket was processed with more than a little help from my friends at the March 23rd Workshop in Kansas City. While we only had 1/2 of one night and a couple of hours the next to play with taking images, we had a ton of time for the meat of the Workshop, Processing Images! 

This image was done by my students (with me peeking over their shoulders and some final finishing details). I think they this a fantastic job and was pleased with how well they had absorbed the previous three panoramas we processed earlier. 

We had a great time and got to laugh at the silly comments I have heard from people. Was this taken in daylight, did you use the same Milky Way and other equally ridiculous comments. 

All in all, I think they got the better deal with more processing time. They also got four panoramas to work with and publish themselves. I’m anxious to see what they do with that data.

Please enjoy and comment on how you think they did with the data!