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Toroweap. April 2016

Toroweap. Of course it should be the first image of the year produced. No question. This western end of the Grand Canyon is amazing to behold and staggeringly hard to get to. To say the cliffs here are steep is a huge understatement. The view and the sheer drop virtually bankrupt the English language. No words or images do it justice, even this one.

This is my first attempt of the year so be kind. Others will be better as time goes on. I used several experimental techniques on this years images. Computer driven focusing, more magnifying focal length lens, loooong exposures, and double shot panos are just a few things I played with.

I’ll link some videos later of the exact places I took the two images I got this night. I just started a new Youtube channel Dave Lane’s Milky Way Chronicles and you will find them there.

Here’s the first of this actual shot.

Check over at Dave Lane’s Milky Way Chronicles for more as i put them up. I also have a couple 15 minutes videos of the last mile of the drive to this spot. Check your tooth fillings before watching it. It was done with a Gopro from the hood of the car and will be up fairly soon.


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