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Turret Arch.

Turret Arch. In the Windows area of Arches National Park lies Turret Arch. It’s an odd crawl out to this spot along a rock ledge. For once it would not be instant death to fall from this vantage point. Probably, you would wish for death, as the rocks are quite sharp and it is a 30-40 foot drop from this vantage point.

Tonight I am not alone, which on this trip was a single shooting night. Below me to the right was a woman in her sleeping bag shooting a time lapse of the sky, you can see a portion of the red led light from her camera. Not visible was another shooter that was on a ledge far to my right that had a better view through Turret Arch of the South Window, barely visible in my shot to the left edge of the main Turret Arch window.

Despite the other shooters this is a quiet shoot, temperatures hover in the low 40s with a moderate wind blowing across my whiskered face. I grew the beard for just this reason, cold windy nights are softened more than one would suspect. Even standing knee deep in snow at Grand Teton it was a help.

This shot finished just before astronomical dark ended. As I gathered my gear and picked my way carefully off the arch, the slightest of glows awaited me by the time I reached my car.

It was morning, a beautiful morning in the western US deserts. Where else would you expect to find me?

Please remember I drive over 5000 miles per trip to get 10-15 images to share with you for free. Please let me know you appreciate the images by first liking the page and then a image like or comment. All of these are great fuel for my passion! Thank you as always for doing so.

Technical: Canon 6D, 50mm lens at 1.8, ISO 6400, 42 image panorama in 2 parts, exposure 30 secs.


4 thoughts on “Turret Arch.

  1. wow! very, very nice!
    keep up the incredible work.

  2. Another stunning creation David. And the crop is brilliant. Thank you for sharing the details. Your efforts are appreciated.

  3. Picked up your card of the Grand Prismatic Spring. First because it’s stunning and secondly so I had your name and could look up more of your photograpgy. Beautiful and I enjoy the back story on them!

    1. Thanks Diana for supporting my delinquency 🙂 Stick around there is way more to come!

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