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Grosvenor’s Arch in Southern Utah.

Here’s the front side of Grosvenors Arch. I’m going to include a link to a 1/3 sized image so you can cruise around in it. Please like the page and comment especially if you see something that needs correcting. Here’s the link. 1/3 resolution of Grosvenor’s Arch

Take the time to load the big image full and then click on the milky way to see some crazy detail.


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Deep Horsehead uploaded at full size!

OK here’s a rendition of the horsehead Nebula that I really like. Its really deep and wish everyone could see it at full size. Let me know what you think in the comments and If you haven’t already bookmarked this site, do so now for more images like these.
Only 3 weeks to new Milky Way images! Stoked!

LRGB Horsehead 4-3 w sig