Dave Lane’s – Milky Way Revealer

After months of hard testing and reconfiguring the final version of the Dave Lane Milky Way Revealer is ready for general release. 187 different versions were produced, some were quite beautiful if ineffective, and only one final one made the cut. 

Speaking of cutting, these filters are manufactured on a very high-speed laser cutter/etcher.  Even with speeds of 1,000 millimeters a second these filters require just under an hour each to produce.  Every pixel in the layout is printed for the finest detail and best results possible.  After production, the filters are individually hand-polished and a smudge protection layer added to the filter. The results are the most beautiful optical clarity possible for the sharpest lines for focusing.

Using the filters is a breeze. No filter holders to screw on or off, no issue with a lens that can’t even use a lens. Insert three nylon screws into the filter edge, pop it on the lens, focus, put it back in its bag, and you are done. It is that easy.