The Dinosaurs at Night Project


Welcome to the Dave Lane Dinosaurs at Night Project. This project combines two of the most compelling social media topics into one unique look at what the dinosaurs would have looked like under the Milky Way, storm and stars, stars, an eclipsed moon or a comet. The resulting images are a veritable eyeball magnet.

Take a look through the images below by clicking on a picture or there is a ten-second rotation of images in an automated slideshow.  

These images are unique and never done in this way before. A quick overview of the process follows. All the images are actual photographs. The dinosaurs and the ground were taken onsite with life-sized models of the dinosaurs. Then the Milky Way images, mostly taken at the same time,  were combined with the ground photos to complete the composite you see before you. Images were all taken at night without the aid of any added light sources. The photographs you see were taken by Dave Lane including the lightning,  comet and “blood moon” eclipse. These elements were added to the star fields to create a final image. 

Many techniques and much time was required to remove human artifacts from the pictures. Bridges, light pollution, railroad tracks, overhead power lines, giant power pylons, planes, satellite trails and more all were removed to make a scene that is as free as possible from modern life.

This explanation is a very quick thumbnail sketch of the process. I will put a link at the bottom of this page to a more detailed explanation on another page. Thank you for your time in reading thus far.

These pictures are low resolution and not intended for publication without written permission. Originals are all 18,000 pixels on the widest axis.

Link to the Details page. What are these and what can I do with them answered HERE


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