Many people have seen the double rainbow Youtube video, it’s fun. Here we have a double fall. One that is a waterfall and one is a star fall. 

Here’s a video of it in the daytime.

Finding Cave Falls was a real treat. Although it nowhere near the size of most of the falls at Yellowstone National Park, it’s a hidden gem you can get right up to and lines up perfectly with the Milky Way This top view of the falls was the one that really got me excited. The flow of the picture is so visceral. The contrasting arches of water and stars and the roar of the water standing there in the dark made this an all senses experience. 

There had been puffy clouds earlier that rapidly dissipated as day turned to night. I shot the falls below this one called Belcher Falls first, then captured the Milky Way as the last of the clouds vanished. Finding this particular spot was a bit of luck. I had not seen it in the daylight but moving Jimmy up from the lower falls caused me to get disoriented and take the wrong path through the woods. I ended up here and the view was amazing. There were tree branches on either side of me though and I was unsure how to get the unobstructed shot I wanted. There was also a split rail fence guarding the edge. 

Finally, it hit me. Stick two of the tripod legs into the fence then let one rest on the rocks below. It was precarious, but I kept one hand tightly on a leg of the tripod to keep it from falling in while the pano-head and camera captured the scene. It actually worked! I should have taken a picture of this crazy setup but was too afraid of losing my gear into the roaring waters.

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