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Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch. Double Rainbow, Portal, Never Dark? All these names could apply. Which name would you choose? This was an experiment to see what I could get done with light manipulation through Mesa Arch’s portal. I really pushed my skill to see what I could get. Considering that there was no light but the Milky Way, there was a ton of wildfire smoke in the area and I was shooting objects miles away in total blackness I think it is something rarely if ever seen. I hope you will like it, it was a grueling process.

I tried to do something really different. I made the scenery behind the “porthole” in Mesa arch extremely detailed. I pushed the light till the last photon was rubbed raw. I’m not sure if revealing total blackness, with the ONLY light coming from the Milky Way, has ever been pushed this hard, but I hope you will really enjoy the effect.

You see, in the end, it’s never really dark at night! Enjoy!

Mesa 1 1-6 porthole

Mesa 1 1-6 2x1

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