Musselman Arch, Canyonland National Park. Roads down in Canyonland, on the White Rim road are tough, jarring both visually and physically. After about 5 miles I came to the Arch itself. Some young people froliced on the span of the arch, tempting the fates (and the posted signs to stay off).

It seems quite comforting down here. The rugged roads, the deserted nature, and the high surrounding walls of the area seem somehow protective.

The arch itself is close to the road, maybe 300 yards away. High puffy clouds accompanied me out to the arch. A light breeze blew down into the canyon under the arch. The weather was even pleasant requiring only a t-shirt, shorts and sandals to make the trek.

Such a relief, winter was loosing its grip, spring was in fact in the air along with the birds careening in the canyon under the arch. I could stay for only a moment to soak it in, then travel had to continue further on, to see what else lay down the rough and twisted road.

That night I would return and sleep under the stars in my trusty vehicle awaiting darkness. At astronomical dark I noticed a zodiacal light that was so bright i thought it a searchlight on top of the cliffs. The camera exploded with the light to the point I’m not sure I can ever make that panorama work. Sad because it was amazing to behold.

The alarm went off at 2:45 to awaken me to take this picture. I staggered out, noticing the attire of the previous afternoon was no longer workable. I re-dressed and headed out to the edge of the cliff a bit unsteady on my feet. A nearby lonesome coyote cried out to me, perhaps warning me of the drop and my sleepiness.

After finishing the panorama I got in my car and headed to my only other shot of the night, Dead Horse Point. More on that to come.

Technical: Canon 6D at 8000 ISO, 50mm f1.8, exposures 10 sec sky 30 seconds ground. 42 image panorama, Sky 4×6, ground 3×6


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