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New Data Starting to Roll in

After traveling a pants numbing 5600 miles in 11 days, the new data is getting put together. Frankly, the data is mind blowing in its sharpness and detail. Far out stripping last years data. The new methods are working far beyond my expectations. I’m just ecstatic and I hope you will be this year as well. I have 3 more months to get data and I’m going to go all out to bring you piles of new images to stare wistfully at.


3 thoughts on “New Data Starting to Roll in

  1. Dave, I’ve been a photographer for 50 years and I’ve seen a lot of Astrophotography along the way (never done any) but the work of your’s is by far the most amazing and most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Wonderful!

    Bob Maddox

  2. Dave,

    Just had a look at your newest work and it looks spectacular. Thank you for signing the image I bought for my son.You travel to some great places with little or no light pollution, it has to be inspiring.

    Keep up the great work, I look forward to purchasing some more images from you in the future. I have to contribute to your travel expenses so you can keep on publishing your work.

    Thank you, Paul

    1. PAul,

      It’s comments like that that keep me going. Thank you so much!


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