Oregon Star Coast

Well, Jimmy and I went on the trip of a lifetime, 6900 miles in 12 days.  After Jimmy’s recent resurrection with a $1,000 of new front end parts, we headed out in search of new images and great adventures.

The weather patterns over the SW dictated that I not head there as clouds and monsoons swirled about covering all the normal areas I visit. Looking at the forecast it appeared the North West would be clear almost indefinitely.  Many of my followers had recommended Oregon to me but the drive was staggeringly long. The Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon were 29 hours of driving. And the coast much further still. 

Along the way, there were multiple stops at fun places. As I neared the ocean, several people had suggestions of where to try the coast. South of Yachats seemed to be the consensus. So Jimmy and I drove to the coast of Oregon starting south of Yachats. The Oregon Dunes were beautiful, but large gates and signs that the area would be closed at night deterred my interest. So I headed north with a follower inviting me to stop by for help locating a spot to shoot. I stopped in to meet some of the most interesting and fun people on the planet. There was food, plenty of talk and then it was time to go shoot.

I had scouted on my way up the coast and it had surprised me how few locations were actually possible to shoot the coast, get any water and still frame the Milky Way correctly. As I started to leave I invited one of my new friends to accompany me, watch and maybe get a tip or two on how to do this. With the offer accepted we headed out to this first spot where this moderately small pool had caught my attention. 

I took two shots here this being the second of the two and by the end of the image my friend had nearly frozen and we retreated to the cars. 

That night was fabulous overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sitting talking during the image and solving the world’s problems, well that and looking out for car headlights on the hidden highway. 

Focused with the Dave Lane Astrophotography Reveal Filter and protected from dew and mist by the Dew Destroyer both available at:


42 images cropped on left due to house lights, ocean water color enhanced and starfish added from cell phone picture earlier in the day.

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