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Peace. In this world that is full of outrage and unrest, let me offer you Peace. There is peace in the world. There is beauty in the world. It’s almost everywhere. It’s in a lake, nestled in the mountains the stars flitting about on its surface. It’s in billions of spots and it’s free. Take time, no make time, to find your inner peace and attune yourself to all the things that are right in the world. Breathe, relax enjoy this crazy ride we are all on to the fullest. This advice like my images I offer you freely. Please pass it on, the world needs it more today than ever.

I normally give a writeup about the image and I will be brief this time. This little lake is just outside the east gate of Yosemite and is a beauty. I finally got a calm night and the resulting reflection.

Remember my friends be kind to one another, other people are stressed and afraid. Give them comfort and succor. We have had enough violence and tragedy. Never forget the beautiful world that surrounds us and never, ever miss peace and beauty, wherever you are. Namaste.


Last Yosemite lake 1 Final

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  1. Thank you, Dave, for the truly awe inspiring images and gentle words. We need more kindness in this world. Namaste.

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