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Pick up Sticks?



As many of you know, I am a rock hound and love old mining structures. So I was in heaven in Victor Colorado, the veritable “City of Mines.” There were some great structures nearby that lined up well with the Milky Way and were insane in their complexity and visual interest. This is one of those views. Although the structure appears to defy gravity, a different view I am working on shows it as a much more substantial structure from a different angle. The foreground was shot with a setting 10% crescent moon, which I normally don’t do, but there were so many shots I wanted to get completed that I grew impatient. You can see the small town lights from Goldfield in the distance. I hope you will enjoy the image and do some research on the city of Victor Colorado. It’s a very interesting area and worthy of your time to read about.

This image was shot with the Dave Lane Astro Products Reveal Focus Filter. ISO 6400, f1.6, 50mm x 42

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