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The Star Farm. Welcome to the Dark Star Farm.

The Star Farm. Welcome to the Dark Star Farm. This is where my observatories sit. Beneath these skies. I really need to do more deep space images as I have tons of data from here.

But this is what it looks like in a very simple panorama, that really was a test for the upcoming year. I have to say that even I was surprised how much the nebulas popped off the page. There is so much in this photo so many great photographic objects.

It’s nice to have an oasis where you can go and contemplate the stars. Sit on a porch and watch the night sky unfold. This particular night (last week) had a quite gusty breeze and temperatures hovered in the low 30’s. But the new carbon fiber tripod laughed at the wind and held rock steady.

Sitting on a bench waiting as the time for the 25 images clicked off, I saw a meteor, that was quite bright streak through the sky. I immediately looked to see where the camera was at that moment and exclaimed “Got ya”.

Looked way brighter in person but sometimes this is all you get in an image.

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Technical: Canon 6D 50mm lens, 25 images f2.0 ISO 4000



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