Unfortunate Glory. The day at Yellowstone National Park had been an interesting mix of sun and clouds. As night approached large thunderheads filled with lightning passed overhead. Rumbles echoed throughout the park. The prediction was clearing at 7 pm.  As 8 o’clock approached the sky remained ominously dark and cloudy. 

I had driven by this smallish lake earlier in the day and noticed its excellent alignment with the Milky Way. As I got out to check I was accosted by mosquitoes down by the shoreline, enough to drive me back to the car. After exploring the park further, I returned as night began to creep in. The clouds had begun to retreat from the east to the west (overhead). The bad news was now the wind had kicked up to 20-30 mph. The surface of the lake which had been a mirror earlier in the day now was opaque other than brief moments of stillness. I went to the water’s edge where the wind was much calmer and 50 or so feet below the top edge. 

Again I was driven back by a swarm of mosquitos. I decided to retreat to this spot and shoot instead where the wind would be an ally in keeping mosquitoes off of me.  As an added bonus there were tons of little blue flowers to cheer me on. I setup my equipment to shoot the ground and retreated to the car. There were still a few minor wisps of clouds up high and some got reflected in the edge of the water where being more shallow the reflections were much better. Looking at the camera I could see the tinge of color from the sky reflected in the water. Wow was it really that strong?

The answer was yes, another amazing night of airglow color at Yellowstone after storms. I think it has to be related. 

This photo was proof of something, the wind had dismayed me and I almost got back in Jimmy and departed, due to the wind messing with the reflections, but sometimes the best shots can be those you think least likely to succeed.

Anyway, the sky was enough to make me literally do a little dance of joy and yell out a couple of expletives that were apparently heard by a nearby wolf, just across the road behind me. There were no answers to his cry so I howled back my pleasure loaded my car and departed.

42 images, (some replacement of blurred areas with extra flowers), ISO 8000, f1.6, 55mm

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