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White Pocket with a Little help From my friends


White Pocket Arizona with a little help from my friends! This nice image of White pocket was processed with more than a little help from my friends at the March 23rd Workshop in Kansas City. While we only had 1/2 of one night and a couple of hours the next to play with taking images, we had a ton of time for the meat of the Workshop, Processing Images! 

This image was done by my students (with me peeking over their shoulders and some final finishing details). I think they this a fantastic job and was pleased with how well they had absorbed the previous three panoramas we processed earlier. 

We had a great time and got to laugh at the silly comments I have heard from people. Was this taken in daylight, did you use the same Milky Way and other equally ridiculous comments. 

All in all, I think they got the better deal with more processing time. They also got four panoramas to work with and publish themselves. I’m anxious to see what they do with that data.

Please enjoy and comment on how you think they did with the data!

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