Milky Way Melt. Is the Milky Way melting into the ground? At White Pocket it always looks like things are melting, including the rocks themselves.This scene is the back side of the “Frog” at White Pocket and is a raised ridge of white that walks out to the distance and looks like melting ice cream.

This night was one of the greatest nights of shooting I ever had. I arrived on a Tuesday night and had White Pocket completely to myself. The day had been 101 but as the sun set it dropped into the high 80’s and was very pleasant. A light breeze kept it comfortable the whole night, with just a light hoodie needed for later. I sat back on the rocks taking in the scene before me. Such a crazy group of outlines so MANY stars. I was able to just lie back, put my hands behind my head and look up. It was pure bliss. Absolute quiet, a light breeze, the Milky Way blazing overhead, and relaxing for a change during a shot. That’s unheard of! I was almost sad when the shot ended and I had to gather my gear and make my way down off the wall. I literally could have slept there looking up.

Once again you can see why I love White Pocket, despite the difficulty getting there, it is amazing and worth recording.

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Thanks to all that have for your continuing support. Although it seems trite these days to express your thanks to people, it really, really does make me happy to know my work is appreciated.


Technical: Canon 6D 55mm, ISO 8000, f1.6, 42 images.

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