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In May 2016 I found almost the entire west covered with clouds. I had been at the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area in New Mexico taking images the night before and discovered that this area looked to be clear while the entire area west of this would be covered. Here is the TLDR version. It’s cold at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in May. I mean freezing your butt off cold.

I arrived early enough to scout around for a while, but the breeze and the 21-degree weather made my eyes water virtually instantly. I drove to a camping spot for Jimmy and waited for nightfall, and a good while beyond, till the Milky Way came up. Awakening after a bit of writing I headed out to the first shooting location. It had seemed cold as I started to get the gear out. I checked Jimmy’s dash, and the temperature read 7. Plus a 15-20 mph wind. I set up two cameras, one with a Zeiss Otus 85mm Lens to capture the sky and my non-modded 6D to capture the ground.

Even with an undershirt, shirt, sweatshirt, winter coat, gloves and hat I was cold. The deck where I set up was sparkly and icy in the dancing headlamp light. By the time I got both panos started my ears were already numb and red, my teeth were chattering. Five minutes went by, then ten, I considered hopping to keep warm, but I knew it would shake the cameras. I finally slowly walked to the parking lot and then ran at top speed for what seemed like a long way but was probably 10 car lengths 🙂

It was enough to warm me up for the next 10 minutes while the cameras finished. I ended up with 45 images of the sky and 18 of the ground making this the largest panorama I’ve produced so far.

I hope you enjoy it. I was happy I never saw another human being out at 1 AM. I gave up after the one shot and retreated to sleep and some warmth after driving 500 miles to take one picture.

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Tech 63 images at f1.8 ISO 8000

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