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Have an hour and a Dave Lane Astrophotography focus filter?


Have an hour and a Dave Lane Astrophotography focus filter? Well then here is what you could get with that time. A very friendly, virtually full version of the Orion Constellation.

Actually, my first choice for a name was Have a filter and a smile. Yes, Barnard’s Loop in Orion very much looks like a smile and a pleasant reminder of the holidays. So enjoy an Orion Smile and a Happy Holiday wish from yours truly!

As an interesting side note, this is a little over an hour of exposures (2 minutes each) of 3 hours of imaging time. After the first 60 minutes, the frost from the 20-degree weather overtook the lens, and it frosted over despite having 4 hand warmers attached to the lens. Turns out the hand warmer idea is not only wasteful but also not very practical. I have since wired and made my own ultralight lens warmer for just such circumstances. Should last 4-6 hours and have replaceable batteries if the exposures continue past that time.

So enjoy my friends, have a filter and a smile! While you are doing so see the tight focus you get with the new Focus Filter I will be selling shortly.

Happy Holidays!!

Tech: Canon 6D, ISO 1600, 85mm F2.0

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