Photoing Astrophotographers photoing the Milky Way. It’s often that I photo the Milky Way, its not often I photo people doing so. This night, at Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park, I caught both in my camera. The long red reflection is a single LED on the back of a camera.

I waited for the couple to set up their camera this night as they wandered out onto the peninsula. I had chosen this spot at the back of the bay where there was some shelter from the wind which was whipping about quite forcefully. Even here I found there was no escape. Check the left peninsula for rather noticeable ripples.

The couple fumbled with a variety of flashlights but acquiesced for a few minutes while I shot this pano. Shortly after I moved to a new location to the left they packed their gear and faded into the night amidst the trees.

Reflections on a cool brisk night like this
tend to be spread light but are brighter than normal. I actually liked the rippling of the reflected LED in the image, it reminded me of a night in Yosemite that was truly relaxing. I hope I get back there this year.

As a matter of fact I’m considering doing a three day and two night class on how to take images like this if there is sufficient interest. Let me know if anyone would like to be able to do this.

Technical: Canon 6D, 35mm, 16 images 4×4 matrix, ISO 6400, 15secs f1.8, iPano pano head.

— at Yosemite National Park.12671933_1051576604903540_1001361801966615014_o

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