Spotlight. What is that spotlight? Why its the very crescent moon. In this image the moon is so bright it looks like a spotlight on the Milky Way. It’s just a distortion of optics and brightness but it still looks really cool so I left it. I had considered the removing it and placing a separate image over the moon which was in focus and not blown out but heck this looks pretty cool to me.

This is test #2 of what I will be shooting with this summer and considering the moon was up (20% or so) and close, I think I did a decent job.

In the foreground you can see the other direction from the Star farm. Here both of my observatories whirl in the background collecting photons that have traveled for trillions of miles only to end up here collected on the camera detectors.

Also you can see the bench I sat on for the previous image so you can get your perspective. If you haven’t see tne other image check it out.

Some of you will look at the Astrovan and say what in the world is that weird glowing that mimics the crescent moon and Milky Way?

Well its actually a spray painted (and partial glow in the dark) mural by one of my astrophotography students, now on the Hubble Heritage team, who is the preeminent astro spray painter of her generation. Miss Sofia Porter smile emoticon

Please comment one way or the other on anything you liked or didn’t like in the image! I work for comment tips smile emoticon

I just have one other thing to add. It’s baaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk!!!! Damn I’m excited!

Technical Canon 6D 25 images, 50mm f1.8 ISO 5000 5×5 grid cropped on top and left side (to remove KC light pollution)



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